Luma Pictures Animates Underworld: Awakening with OptiTrack Mocap system

Optical Mocap set-up used by “Underworld: Awakening" animation team and directors as a previs and animation tool.

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Corvallis, Oregon — Translating concept art and storyboards into the animated mannerisms of a larger-than-life CG monster is challenging for even the most talented animators. Luma Pictures – the team responsible for character development, animation, and film VFX for the Über Lycan in Underworld: Awakening – addressed this challenge with the assistance of an OptiTrack motion capture system, installed on-site at their Santa Monica studio.

Luma’s animators utilized their OptiTrack system to record the movements of actor Kris Holden-Reid, as he brought the film’s most notorious creature, the Über Lycan, to life. Mocap was employed both to fine-tune performance points during previs and quickly create realistic reference animations that could be used as starting points for the final keyframing process.

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