First Hand Films announces pre-sales for Fukushima documentary ‘Beyond the Wave’

Swiss-based distributor also finalises co-production deals with NHK, BBC and IKON.

BBC Beyond the Wave co-production distribution deal documentary documentary film Esther van Messel First Hand Films Fukishima IKON Knowledge Network Kyoko Myake NHK SVT tsunami WDR Cologne YES Israel

In Beyond the Wave (58’ & 90’), director Kyoko Myake (Berlin Today Award for Hackney Lullabies at Berlin International Film Festival & Winner of 2011Tiffcom New Talent Award)  revisits Fukushima to find out the fate of her mother’s hometown post Tsunami devastation, as it risks disappearing off the map. She is puzzled as to why people aren’t angry, and questions whether Western media is right in depicting the Japanese people as just being an obedient nation.  As Myake speaks to family and neighbours, the film unearths the uncomfortable past that prevents things from being so clear cut. This is a unique journey into the heart of a small community trying to come to terms with a loss they feel they did not deserve. Currently in production, Beyond the Wave is produced by Gregor Streiber (Inselfilm) and is scheduled for delivery in February 2013.

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