Yanobox launches colour grading plug-in Moods

Yanobox launches colour grading plug-in Moods.

Adobe After Effects CS3 colour grading colour grading plug-in CS4 CS5 CS5.5 Final Cut Pro X Moods Motion 3 Motion 4 Motion 5 Noise Industries Yanobox post-production Yanobox Moods

Boston, Maine– Noise Industries development partner Yanobox, is introducing Moods, a colour grading plug-in with support for Final Cut Pro X; Motion 3, 4 and 5; and Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5. Offered at 49 USD, users can download a free trial version of Yanobox Moods from http://www.yanobox.com/. Yanobox Moods feature highlights include: Intuitive Interface – Moods sports a heads up display interface. Grading HD footage in full screen becomes an immersive experience. Desaturate – Silver – Contrast – Move horizontally to control the black level. Drag up or down to desaturate or create silver colours. Combine silver with contrast to get the famous bleach bypass look. Exposure / Gamma – Move horizontally to control white levels. Adjust the gamma vertically. 3-Way Colour Balance – Shadow, mid-tone and highlight wheels alter colour from subtle adjustments to crushed colours. Use punchy or classic mode to boost or preserve the luminance level. Wash Shadow – Blend shadows with pure colours to create classic vintage looks. Transparent Rendering – With GPU acceleration and integrated tools, colour grading becomes an interactive process on standard laptop and desktop computers. Presets to Get Started – Artists can use Moods presets or design and save their own looks to obtain the perfect mood.

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