Spice Shop first in region to install SCANITY

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Weiterstadt, Germany – DFT Digital Film Technology, a provider of high-end film and digital post production, announced that Bangkok-based Spice Shop is the first commercial post facility in Southeast Asia to install the SCANITY film scanner. Spice Shop recently unveiled its newly renovated facility, which enhances its service offerings to support feature film post production including on-set and post grading, 3D DCI mastering, as well as archive and restoration work. The SCANITY high-speed 4K/2K film scanner complements Spice Shop’s existing and upgraded data infrastructure and supports the overall non-linear system of solutions that allows the Thailand facility to have a smooth and efficient online and offline workflow. SCANITY’s scan-once approach to film scanning allows it to generate all required content from one 2K digital negative scan. Whether the content is for offline work using QuickTime or MXF files, or online work that requires uncompressed HD files with low resolution proxies for editing, the high speed and efficiency of SCANITY means Spice Shop only has to handle the film once. The flexibility of this approach lets Spice Shop quickly access images across its fibre optic network to easily accommodate last minute editorial changes, re-framing, zooms etc. Additionally, the scan-once approach minimizes risk of damage or accumulation of dirt on precious film.

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