Mistika works its magic on The Adventures of Tintin

Mistika works its magic on The Adventures of Tintin.

2D colour grading conforming convergence adjustments DI Stereo 3D mistika Park Road Post post-production SAN-based workflow SGO SGO mistika stereo 3D The Adventures of Tintin Weta Digital

London, United Kingdom – SGO’s Mistika technology was used for all the DI and Stereo 3D post production by post production company Park Road Post, in The Adventures of Tintin. The digital intermediate work in both 2D and Stereo 3D included colour grading, conforming, convergence adjustments and hand-offs between shots. A real highlight of the post process on The Adventures of Tintin was that the filmmakers were able to offer approvals remotely. Mistika’s role was an important one, as speed was a crucial factor in making the approval process work fluidly, no matter where the filmmakers were in the world. The ability to output ongoing and work-in-progress (WIP’s) versions of the film easily and quickly, without actually slowing or stalling the DI process, was key. David Hollingsworth, Park Road Head of Picture and Senior Colourist, said, “The open structure of the Mistika platform, the speed of its toolset and SAN-based workflow meant that we could be working on shots as soon as they were handed over from Weta Digital and has the 2D and 3D grades working concurrently.”

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