Nucoda plays important supporting role in 4 Oscar-nominated films

Academy Awards Day and Night Digital Vision grading Inside Job NLE nonlinear editing Nucoda Nucoda Film Master Oscars Oscars 2011 The Confession Toy Story 3

Los Angeles/ London – Digital Vision has played a major supporting role in a number of the Oscar nominated films announced last week. Those titles include Pixar’s Toy Story 3D, recognised with nominations for Best Animated Feature and Best Feature; Animated short Day and Night, also from Pixar; Best Documentary contender Inside Job; and The Confession in the Best Live action short category. All were graded with the Nucoda Film Master in facilities from the London to Los Angeles, and Northern California to New York. For Toy Story 3D, Nucoda Film Master was a key element in a new 3D animation workflow developed with Pixar at its Emeryville headquarters, which made its debut on the Oscar nominated blockbuster. In 2009, as Pixar considered how to modify its internal workflow into a truly nonlinear, cutting-edge pipeline for all of its animated releases, Digital Vision helped it to incorporate colour grading into the vast deliverables demanded by today’s multi-tiered marketplace. In addition to the Nucoda Film Master’s colour tools, the systems proved to be foundational to the studio’s ground-breaking move to a 16-bit half-float, non-destructive pipeline that was initially employed for Toy Story 3D. Day and Night, another Pixar contender in the Best Animated Short category relied on the same workflow. Colourist David Lortsher worked on both projects. New York’s Final Frame Post has an enviable record of working on Oscar nominated and award-winning documentaries including last year’s Oscar winner, The Cove, which was graded at Final Frame on Nucoda Film Master. Inside Job, a Sony Pictures Classics release, is directed by Oscar winner Charles Ferguson, and documents the improprieties of the financial services industry and its role in the global financial meltdown of 2008. Final Frame Senior Colourist Will Cox used Nucoda Film Master to grade and finish Inside Job. Tanel Toom’s The Confession, which was graded on the Nucoda Film Master at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK was nominated for Best Live Action Short. Toom won the Student Oscar in 2010. Martin Bennett, UK MD & VP Worldwide Marketing, Digital Vision said, “First and foremost, we want to extend our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the talented filmmakers who have been nominated for Academy Awards, and to Digital Vision’s customers who supported the creative vision and dreams of those individuals and companies who have been nominated. We will be watching on February 27th!”

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