Reading, England – Snell’s new Archangel Ph.C–HD realtime video restoration system has played an integral role in the production of a stunning new Blu-ray edition of the acclaimed World War II documentary, The World at War. London-based post-production company Dubbs and its restoration and digital media division, Eyeframe, chose the Archangel Ph.C–HD to provide sophisticated yet cost-effective and efficient film restoration for the 37-year-old series. “Since we were providing an expensive Blu-ray edition of a highly popular and wellknown title, the quality of the restoration had to be top-notch. We needed to maintain the original production values whilst delivering new experiences to the viewer. At the same time, we were working with an enormous quantity of material and a tight schedule,” said Simon Marbrook, head of restoration at Eyeframe. “Archangel provided the perfect solution, with a complete set of tools for restoration tasks such as stabilization, de-flicker, and dust removal all in a single box. The system completed the restoration in just three to four times the program’s total length, and it reduced the amount of frame-byframe work by 60 to 70 percent.” Originally broadcast in 1973 by ITV, The World at War is a 26-episode British television documentary series that covers World War II and the events immediately before and after. Eyeframe was contracted by FremantleMedia Enterprises to oversee the full restoration process for the series — including telecine, re-grading, and restoration — and to create a full set of HD broadcast masters, as well as a complete Blu-ray box set and DVD box set. In addition to the original 26 episodes, the Blu-ray edition includes a significant volume of extra material and ‘lost’ footage that required extensive restoration. As a Snell beta partner for the Archangel Ph.C–HD, Eyeframe recognized that the system would meet FremantelMedia Enterprises’ requirements for the restoration. Archangel Ph.C–HD restoration eliminates any sudden drops in quality that could adversely affect the overall impact of the program. “Because Archangel operates in real time, we were able to monitor the output continuously to ensure the highest quality and guard against damage to the film. The system gives our skilled operators plenty of control and fine-tuning abilities so that they can deliver an effective restoration that still maintains the look of the period,” said Marbrook.

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