Sydney – Fujifilm has launched their unique LTO-5 data cartridge with a 3.0TB capacity (at 2:1 compression; 1.5TB native). The LTO-5 data cartridge utilises multichannel recording technology and achieves transfer rates of up to 280MB/second (at 2:1 compression; 140MB/sec. native). Fujifilm Australia General Manager Recording Media / Motion Picture Film Marc Van Agten said, “LTO-5 Ultrium technology relies heavily on timing-based, high-precision servo control to achieve its high performance levels. LTO-5 Ultrium data cartridges use dual servo tracks that have been precisely written along the entire length of each of its four data bands, for extremely fine placement control and redundancy in the event of tape damages.” For the LTO-5 development, Fujifilm further advanced its NANOCUBIC technology and successfully achieved higher recording density. LTO-5 tapes also have finer metal particles (78% of the size of LTO-4), nano-dispersion technology with a new binder system and an advanced nano-coating technology to achieve a much smoother and more uniform magnetic layer resulting in significant decrease in the tape surface defects. The LTO-5 tapes use Fujifilm’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption algorithms to keep data secure with the hardware-based 256-bit encryption offering a higher level of security during storage and transporting of sensitive information. WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality provides a cost-effective means for storing data in non-rewriteable format to help address compliance requirements. In a first for LTO tapes FUJIFILM now offer them in an LTO Eco Library Pack specifically designed to facilitate the use of Fujifilm data tape cartridges in automated library environments. These specially designed packs safely protect Fujifi lm data tapes during shipping while eliminating individual cartridge packaging, reducing upload time and reducing waste to landfi ll by 80% compared to standard P-case confi guration. Each pack is manufactured from a unique thermo-formed recyclable material. Fujifi lm LTO tape customer and Showtime Director of Operations & Production, John Turner said, “Fujifi lm LTO tapes are an efficient, versatile and cost effective cartridge. The new Eco Library Pack makes real commercial and environmental sense and the fact that the 20 cartridges per pack are available with custom EDP Tri-Optic barcode labels, practical and logistical sense too.”

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