Nucoda integrated with Automatic Duck’s Pro Export FCP

Automatic Duck Digital Vision Nucoda

London, England – Digital Vision and Automatic Duck have announced the successful interoperability between their toolsets with the integration of Nucoda with Pro Export FCP, Automatic Duck’s export plug-in for Final Cut Pro. The integration of Nucoda, a colour grading, finishing and mastering solution for film, television and commercial post-production, empowers users with a highly efficient workflow from editorial to delivery, Digital Vision said in a press statement. The Automatic Duck and Nucoda workflow is already successfully in place for a number of customers and adds the ability to export edit information from FCP in AAFs, linking to the original MOV files or to rendered-out MXF files. The files can then be imported directly into Digital Vision’s Nucoda or Phoenix line of products for grading or restoration. In an integrated workflow, the editor finalises the edit in the background, as the colourist grades. Updated edits come from FCP, which can be merged by the colourist, allowing the edit to remain unlocked, nearly until delivery. Once finishing is complete, the project is exported from Nucoda or Phoenix, and opened in FCP with Automatic Duck’s Pro Import FCP. At that point, titles and final effects can be rendered for the final mixdown delivery. Automatic Duck’s project interchange from FCP to AAF, and vice versa, allows Digital Vision’s customers to use the editing tools best suited to their current project and budget, with best-of-class grading, finishing, and restoration tools. Wes Plate, President of Automatic Duck commented, “Automatic Duck has established a reputation in the industry for consistently delivering solutions that simplify and streamline the editing workflow; we are the glue that ties just about every editing platform together. Teaming up with Digital Vision to integrate Pro Export FCP with Nucoda was a natural extension of our vision; we’re helping to make Nucoda even more powerful and viable for our users.” Martin Bennett, Digital Vision’s VP marketing stated, “Automatic Duck has created standard-setting plug-ins for FCP for nearly a decade and we believe that Nucoda users will find this FCP workflow invaluable.”

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