Singapore’s MDA announces funding boost for large-scale media projects with global reach

funding MDA Media Development Authority Singapore

Singapore – The Media Development Authority (MDA) said recently it is scaling up the capability of Singapore’s media companies to undertake large-scale media projects targeting the international market. Addressing some 300 members of the industry at its annual Media Business Forum, MDA announced a slate of project calls across television, film, animation, games, interactive media, publishing and music, with an emphasis on projects that are internationally-marketable and scale across media platforms. In total, nine new project calls are open for submissions: Inspire, Invigorate and Innovate for the gaming sector; X-sector for interactive medoa; and Spearheading Publishing Innovation for New Enterprise (SPINE) for the publishing sector. These nine project calls come on the heels of last week’s launch of the International Animation Fund to solicit proposals for internationally-marketable animated TV series, telemovies and films. Dr Christopher Chia, MDA’s CEO said, “Over the past few years, Singapore media content and applications have made inroads into the global market; our television content can be seen in some 70 countries and our digital media applications are enjoyed by millions in over 210 countries. Singapore media companies have been taking on larger-scale projects, after years of delivering high-quality projects through global co-production. Some have even gone on to the creation of their own intellectual property that is recognisable globally.” “Those whom have made content that informs, entertains or educates and found markets globally, have in their own ways – carried a little of Singapore to many parts of the world – be it through the stories, the films, the TV series, the publications, the games, or any of the content that is shown in so many countries worldwide. Companies that have made their mark with international collaborations have in turn also begun to attract more production work to Singapore, therefore creating jobs for those more inclined to create, opening up new opportunities in terms of jobs, skills’ transfer and business opportunities in the media sector. In the cases of the International Film Fund and International Animation Fund, MDA’s co-investment of up to S$5 million a project aims to encourage big budget film and animation projects that will be represented worldwide by well-established international distribution companies, namely Distribution Workshop and FremantleMedia Enterprises respectively.

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