Professional colorist training in Singapore

Professional colorist training in Singapore.

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The Media Village and The International Colorist Academy present ‘Colorist Strategies’ and ‘DaVinci Resolve’ training courses, conducted by freelance colorist and co-founder of the ICA, Warren Eagles. Colorist Strategies (3 days) 28 to 30 April 2010 Cost per student: US$1,350 The ICA Colorist Strategies course is designed for anybody keen to learn more about the art of Color Correction and what it takes to become a Colorist. Participants will learn about styles and effects, where to use power windows, film vs digital and how to control a room full of clients. The course will be run using Apple Color. The course will be hands on, with students encouraged to use the grading panel and get creative. The course will be ICA certified with all students getting a certificate and a link on the ICA website. DaVinci Resolve (3 days) 3 to 5 May 2010 Cost per student: US$1,500 This is a Resolve operation class aimed at DaVinci 2k colorists and colorists looking to learn the resolve for possible staff and freelance contracts. Not an operational-only class, there will also be lots of general tips and tricks about being a top line colorist. Looks and styles, grading r3ds and tips on how to move up the colorist ladder. Colorists are welcome to bring QT material to the class that they would like to play with. All students receive an ICA certificate, with a DaVinci endorsement. About Warren Eagles Warren Eagles has been a Colorist for over 20 years. He learned his trade in Soho London, working on high-end TV commercials, music videos and movies such as Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels’. Now working as a freelance colorist in Australia, he splits his time between grading and training throughout Asia. He has a lot of experience on a number of grading systems including Apple Color.

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