Korea-Malaysia animation collaboration announced at SICAF 2009

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Korean media content producer ToonZip and Malaysian animation production company Centraline Animation Sdn Bhd (Centraline) announced joint-production of a 3D adventure comedy animation series at the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Promotion Plan (SPP). Entitled Robot ARPO, the 52-episode animation series depicts the story of a fearsome combat robot that has been turned into a domestic helper by a wacky earthling family, reflecting how robots have become more prevalent in our daily lives as technology continues to evolve in rapid rate. “Centraline is pleased to be working with ToonZip, one of the most promising animation companies in Korea,” Centraline’s chairman Damien Leong said. “For a Malaysian-based animation entity, the collaboration with ToonZip represents an invaluable opportunity for us. It allows us to lead a new wave of Malaysian animation talents and showcase to the world what we are capable of achieving and how far the Malaysian animation industry has evolved,” he added. Commenting on the collaboration, Kamil Othman, vice-president of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDec) reiterated the view that co-production is the most practical way to go for the digital animation industry. “Collaborations between creative companies will always result in synergies which may be difficult to achieve by any company doing it alone” he said. “I am proud to say that the co-production between Centraline and ToonZip, as well as other collaborations being established, will continue and sustain the growth of Malaysia’s library of exportable content to the world”, said Kamil. Centraline has produced several animations series over the years, which have been broadcast in multiple regions including Malaysia, Hong Kong, North America, Middle East and China. In addition the Robot ARPO project, Centraline is also working on the early stages of an animated movie production; and is expected to launch a new sport-themed animation series supported by a full range of merchandizing offerings by the first quarter of 2010. “ToonZip and Centraline complement each other in expertise and network to ensure the production of a high-quality end-product that can appeal and penetrate multiple regions. Centraline’s existing reach into China is especially vital to this synergistic collaboration because it allows the Robot ARPO project to tap into one of the fastest-growing animation regions in the world,” ToonZip’s CEO, Nam Kyu. Kang said. Centraline’s and ToonZip’s expertise and network are further complemented by the involvement of multiple-award winner Jeffrey Scott, who has written numerous children’s classics such as Pocoyo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies. Centraline’s COO, Pauling Wang said, “Robot ARPO is an ambitious animation project that not only combines the best animation talents from Korea and Malaysia; but also features truly memorable storylines and concepts created by one of the most recognised children’s content writer of our times – Jeffrey Scott. Needless to say, we are hugely confident that Robot ARPO will generate interest across the region and the world”.

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