Gattari talks up efficiencies of tapeless environment

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“Time to market is a buzz phrase that should not be ignored and the idea of digitizing media content in an efficient and fully effective process that encompasses metadata association and complete visibility is one that needs to be addressed,” said Fabio Gattari in a presentation entitled ‘Tape-based Efficiencies in a Tapeless Environment’. The presentation was part of the ‘Production Workflow and Compression’ tract of the BroadcastAsia 09 conference programme. Gattari is the founder and president of Etere srl, with more than 28 years in the field of media communications. He has a particular focus on architectural excellence and intuitive solution-based software to present forward-thinking broadcasting software solutions. During his presentation Gattari shared that the broadcasting industry as a whole is proactively looking to migrate towards a more digital based workflow to take advantage of the efficiencies of a tapeless environment. In many areas of the workflow, this is increasingly possible with internal media content management being a prime example. The fundamental area of third party media content provision (from external agencies to content producers) has yet to be fully digitized and where digital files appear to be used, such a process seemingly relies on an undefined tapeless workflow. Some of the issues that arise from this undefined approach can lead to inaccurate tracking, lack of visibility of the transfer process and inadequate notification of media receipt resulting in idle media time. What amounts to a simple digital procedure with its associated and clearly defined workflow would greatly improve operational efficiencies moving broadcasters even further into a correctly managed tapeless environment. Gattari proposed: “All it needs is a broadcaster with the correct foresight and the vision to recognize the benefits such an interface would bring and that the efficiencies would far outweigh the investment needed.”

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