v3 imaging technology adds depth to images

Vienna – Vision III Imaging, Inc., announced that its v3 Optical Systems, is now available on www.flycell.com The v3 Optical Systems with parallax scanning technology, enhances standard 35mm film, broadcast video, HD and computer generated images with vivid impressions of depth and texture for a greater sense of realism. v3 images can be viewed on all standard displays (television, motion picture projection, computer monitors, cell phones and PDAs) without the need for any special viewing equipment. “Video images are everywhere and the applications for them will continue to multiply,” said David Kovach, special projects and media director for Vision III Imaging, Inc. “Our v3 parallax scanning technology elevates the quality of video in a visually stunning way and makes it stand out from traditional two dimensional images that populate screens. By comparison, our v3 images ‘pop’ and electrify the screen.” v3’s parallax scanning technology replaces flat visual images, making scenes come to life with dimension. The company’s website, www.inv3.com/v3_mobile_1.html, offers numerous examples of wallpapers, video and theme based content for mobile applications, and much more. “Seeing is believing so we’ve populated our newly updated website with stunning samples of v3 images,” Kovach said. “We’ve also made it very easy for visitors to download v3 mobile content by simply linking to our distribution partners, like Flycell Inc., a leading mobile and online media and entertainment company.” The Flycell website (http://www.flycell.com/mobile-phone-animations/v3) has a dedicated page specially designed for v3 branded-content, which features the images in new and dynamic ways. “v3 technology creates unique and engaging mobile content that fits perfectly with our forward-thinking initiatives,” said Flycell’s senior vice president of corporate development, Adrian Rubio. “v3 helps Flycell deliver cutting edge entertainment experiences for our users.”

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