IBC 2008 conference declared a global success

David Crawford global success IBC 2008 Conference

Looking back on what he says is the most successful conference programme in many years, IBC conference chairman David Crawford said: “It has given us a really super global vision of technology across the world. “There have been two success factors. Number one has been the huge advances in technology, and this goes right across from mobile platforms, Super Hi-Vision and the development of DVB-T2, to stereoscopic 3D,” he added. “The second big success has been the ability for IBC to make our sessions truly global in value.” Crawford pointed to sessions on Russia, India, China, and Africa as examples of the latter success. “We had a session conducted completely in Russian, by the MPEG Industry Forum. This was expertly translated and truly interactive. Everybody understood a lot more about the Russian market, and Russian attitudes,” he continued. “Going forward we are going to focus part of the conference agenda on worldwide markets, and the way technology is both influencing and being adopted in those markets,” Crawford added.

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