Crystal Vision at IBC 2008

Clip N Key Crystal Vision IBC MultiLogo Picturestone Playback ViViD HD-20

Crystal Vision’s new area of speciality, Picturestore gets its European launch at IBC. Picturestore combines the different strengths of solid-state fast reading and writing DRAM and Flash permanent memory to create a series of four picture storage products. Designed for branding HD or SD television stations, MultiLogo is Crystal Vision’s modular logo keyer – a space-saving board which provides three layers of keying from a variety of internal and external sources, including a generous 4 GB eight-port non-volatile video store that can read six images and write two images all at the same time. Three layer keying allows three still or animated graphics to be independently brought up either from the 4 GB video store or from four external sources. Clip N Key is a clip and sting store which has already awakened interest amongst broadcast engineers. Ideal for sports or live events programming, it allows a special clip or sting with optional associated key signal to be played repeatedly. Clip N Key features a sizeable 4 GB multi-port video store which can hold 30 seconds of moving HD video (15 seconds if it includes a key signal) or 150 seconds of SD video (75 seconds with key signal). A number of different clips can be stored, dependent on the total length of time used. Playback is Crystal Vision’s instant replay device which can replay 30 seconds of HD video or 155 seconds of SD at a lower price than the hard drive alternatives. Featuring industry standard software protocols to allow it to be controlled from any third party hardware or software, Playback will continuously record (and overwrite) until something of interest happens at which point the operator will press Stop. The last 30 seconds of recorded HD video is then available for replay, with flexible playback options available including Play, Still, Continue, Jog and Vari Play. The final product in the Picturestore range is ViViD HD-20 – a space-saving variable video delay line designed for engineers who need to match extra long delays in their system. Crystal Vision has introduced two products that can insert SMPTE 2016 data into a signal to describe the aspect ratio and active format. SYN HD-AFD is a special version of Crystal Vision’s fully-featured HD synchroniser, while the Up-and-down-AAFD is a combined up, down and cross converter for embedded sources with the ability to add SMPTE 2016 data when up converting. Q-Down-A-AFD is a down converter and distribution amplifier that will adapt the aspect ratio conversion depending on the SMPTE 2016 data embedded in the video input, with three options.

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