Chyron launches Axis online content creation services

USA: Chyron announced the launch of its new AXIS graphics online services suite. Following the acquisition of AXIS Graphics in January 2008, Chyron has developed and launched AXISNews, FastMaps, FastQuotes, FastCharts and FastWX. All of these web-based content creation services were demonstrated at Chyron’s booth at NAB 2008. AXIS is the world’s first online content creation system for broadcasters and new media providers. Combining existing on-air and online graphics packages with up-to-the-minute and relevant content, AXIS enables anyone with an Internet connection the ability to build broadcast quality news graphics, charts, quotes, maps and weather, instantly. AXIS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) software package operating over the Internet providing high-quality graphics for broadcast and web-based video outlets. Requiring no hardware or software AXIS is designed for operational and technical simplicity and low operational cost. The individual products provide solutions for MAP, Weather, News, Charts and Quotes with complementary resources, for ease of use and immediacy of operation. The AXIS model is absolutely unique in that it gives users what they need; ease-of-use with relevant, current content, immediately. Map data is constantly updated via the web. Journalists and producers have access to the latest breaking news images immediately via direct interface with news services. AXIS requires no updates or costly administration, it just connects online for ease of use. AXIS provides the same level of sophisticated solutions for all visual media, such as newspapers, radio, websites and highly targeted local news outlets.

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