OmniBus rolls out iTX GFX

USA: OmniBus Systems, a provider of broadcast automation and content management solutions, is now shipping iTX GFX, a real-time graphics plug-in option for the iTX playout and automation solution. Delivering a combination of 2D and 3D graphics animation capabilities, and the ability to update and render content in real time, iTX GFX is applicable to news and results-based programming including sports, election coverage, data-fed business statistics, and audience interaction shows. Incorporating technology from 3D solutions provider rtSoftware, iTX GFX creates resolution-independent graphics within the iTX application software for SD and HD output, and allows graphics to be updated in real time with data from external sources. 3D graphic objects are lit and shaded in real time within iTX, allowing complex effects such as refraction of live video. iTX GFX users can import graphic assets created in Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Maya, as well as construct graphics templates with the GFX Design and Edit software. Template scripts can include variables, updatable manually or automatically, and audio files can be associated with the graphics within the template script. iTX GFX 2D offers field-based 2D graphics with multiple graphic objects such as clocks, tickers, maps, and interfaces to external systems for processing of ENPS and weather data, and XML feeds. iTX GFX 3D adds 3D graphics capabilities, support for advanced effects and the nVidia CG effects framework, depth of field and blur, 3D mapping, particle effects and physics, shadows, reflections, refractions and warping. iTX GFX 3D with DVE adds DVE effects including squeeze back and page curl, video as texture and video refraction through foreground straps, text and tickers. iTX GFX is available as a software and hardware upgrade to OmniBus iTX systems. Further information is available from

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