Broadcast RF gets Lost in London

Broadcast RF announces that it has supplied the full turnkey wireless solutions for Lost in London.

4W ARRI Alexa Broadcast RF Domo HD RF


LONDON, UK –  Broadcast RF announced that it supplied the full turnkey wireless solution for the 100 minute comedy, Lost in London, written, directed and starred in by Woody Harrelson, that is the first ever Hollywood movie to be broadcast live to more than 500 cinemas in the USA and one cinema in London.

Lost in London is a semi-autobiographic depiction of a 2002 London nightclub incident and its aftermath involving Harrelson, which eventually saw him having an overnight stay courtesy of the London Metropolitan police. Loosely based on the events of that night, The Natural Born Killers and Indecent Proposal star wrote a natural born proposal and script to recreate the infamous adventure, more or less as it happened, and present it live using Broadcast RFs state-of-the-art wireless technology.

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