2016 saw the reboot of the 1980s classic movie Ghostbusters. ZERO VFX faced new challenges presented in the exciting, engaging and artfully done remake by Paul Feig for a new generation of cinemagoers.

Ghostbusters special effects ZERO VFX


How did director Paul Feig and crew face the new challenges presented in the reboot of the classic Ghostbuster, with a new cinema audience used to a myriad of impressive and realistic computer graphics in movies?


The trick was to realize and capture the essence of Ghostbusters – the story, characters, action, comedy, and cutting edge visual effects.


ZERO VFX was proud to be called upon for this task. The Boston- and LA-based VFX studio joined in the film’s production phase to develop one of the most memorable phantoms: a floating electric chair victim, wrapped in coils of phosphorescent blue energy.


It was up to ZERO to bring this ghost to life, combining just the right amount of expression, visual distinctiveness, and technology into his supernatural visage. ZERO successfully balanced all of these elements using their artistic vision and technology now three decades improved.

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