A Glimpse of Filmmaking in Bangladesh

Nahid M Helal shares with Maisie Loh the passion which drives him to produce online videos as an engineering student. The result of which is the start of NahidRains Pictures, a growing independent production house producing viral videos and films in Bangladesh.

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Where do you get inspiration when you have a project in which you have to work on?

Getting the inspiration is easy. Making Something new – that’s what I think of all the time and it benefits me in a very grand way. It helps me produce things in a better way all the time. We always try think about the faces of our audience and we try to imagine what their expression would be when they will watch it the video. This keeps us motivated.


What are some of the challenges you face running a video production house in Bangladesh?

We face challenges every day. We have to produce videos with really tight budgets and little support. Most of the time we are on our own. We hardly have sponsors and financers because things we produce are mostly educational and sponsors want something different. In Bangladesh, the film market is not big so we don’t have big clients that come every day. We have to keep the team motivated, pay their salaries and we need to make money – which is very tough. Cost effectiveness is our main goal everyday but we also want to keep the quality high. But we enjoy the challenges.


Were there any problems caused by production equipment you’ve worked on? If yes, what were they and why did those problems arise and how did you solve it?

What mostly fail on site are the various gears such as sliders, jib arms, drones,lights or sometimes even the camera itself. One time, we had a slider which went off completely. Something went wrong with the wheel of the sliders and it wasn’t smooth at all. But it was so important to have the sliding shot on that day so we chose a very light camera – the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for that day’s shoot and bought many hydrogen balloons so that the camera can be lifted. We put a rope on three sides of the camera-racket and slid it with the rope. Trust me, it was smooth. Better than the slider because the camera was floating. And even we ended up getting some good top shots on that day.

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