A Glimpse of Filmmaking in Bangladesh

Nahid M Helal shares with Maisie Loh the passion which drives him to produce online videos as an engineering student. The result of which is the start of NahidRains Pictures, a growing independent production house producing viral videos and films in Bangladesh.

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How did NahidRains Pictures begin?

It was 2005. I was studying in Australia as an Engineering Student. As I was a student only and very young (19-20 yrs old), I never had enough fund that I could save to buy the gear. So I got myself into practicing video editing with some software. YouTube was a new thing then. So I used to upload my videos on YouTube just for fun and used to get some views with those funny clips. Later, I purchased a camera. A very cheap digital video camera which could record only 2 minutes of video at a time. And with that, for the first time I made a short film. I had a nick name online which was NahidRains and later, started a production house in my Garage called NahidRains Pictures (NRP).


What kind of work is NahidRains Pictures specialized in?

Currently NahidRains Pictures HQ is in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We produce everything from film to advertising or YouTube Videos. Online viral videos and short films are our main specialty but we also produce a number of educational TV programs. Recently we have supplied almost 17,000 minutes of educational programs and documentaries to the government owned TV channel in Bangladesh called BTV


We recently completed a full length feature film’s post production at NRP. It was a government funded film. We did the post production, VFX and color grading for the film and now it’s waiting for national and international release. At the moment we have a team of six editors, two colorists, two VFX artists, one graphics artist, two creative designers and scriptwriters, one assistant cinematographer and six production crew members in our departments. One specialty of our team is everyone can do almost everything in terms of video production. It’s not easy to get specialist or experts in Chittagong so having a dynamic team is very important for us.

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